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Everyone has a story...

Rugged Couture is more than your average run of the mill clothing company. 


It represents who you are as an individual and the pride you have in your craft.


It represents the hard work and sacrifice all the men and women put into building a better future.


It represents pushing the limits and gaining a greater understanding of things we aren't familiar with yet.


It represents being a wolf amongst the sheep.


It means getting your hands dirty in a world of wanabees.


It means getting your relationships right in a world full of pretenders.


It means understanding exactly why you’re making every move in your life in a culture that wanders aimlessly.


It means thinking for yourself in the age of misinformation.


These pillars of Rugged Couture  go against the grain, against the cultural norm.


They go against the blueprint that was created for us.


That's what it means to be Rugged. That's what it takes. Are you in?



    When I first got into my trade I started noticing how much pride the brothers and sisters in our industry have in the hard work they put in building this great country. 


   From the small strip mall jobs to the warehouses, schools, hospitals, water treatment plants, windmills, towers, bridges, airports and other major industrial projects that I've worked on over the years there isn't a single structure that I pass that I don't say to myself and loved ones "I helped build that, literally my blood sweat and sometimes even tears are part of that very structure!" 


   From sun up to sun down, through all kinds of good and terrible weather we get the job done no matter what, period. Sore muscles, scrapes, cuts, bruises and sometimes even broken bones are all products of what it takes to be a Tradesperson. The amazing thing about the work that we do is we are continuously learning new things and new ways to get our jobs done safely and efficiently so we could make it home to our families and friends and enjoy the benefits of our hard work. I wanted to create a line of clothing that stands up to the wear and tear of our tasks and provides a stylish design of what that person does for a living.

This is my gift to you... 

Stay safe out there 


Chris Couture 

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