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oUR Mission

Rugged Couture stands at the forefront as a leader of positive change for the apparel industry in Trades Clothing. The goal for our brand is to build a strong emotional bond with the customer. To do this we must build a vision, a lifestyle, and a feeling that appeals to the blue collar work force. 


We are passionate About Doing Things Differently.

We are contrarians, deeply focused on sustainability and efficiency in order to advance the interests of our customers, our workers and the community.


We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.


We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.


We strive to be different, yet relatable.


Passion is at the heart of the company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.


We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make products all customers can relate to.

Straight up!

No bullshit.

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