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Community is everything to us

"As a proponent of philanthropy, I can't stress enough the need for every business owner to be actively involved in social responsibility, and giving back to the community in some form or another."

By Murtaza Hashwani 

Electric Grinder
Image by Holly Mindrup
Pile of Logs
Wooden House


Rugged Couture is a proud contributor to

Homes for Heroes Foundation.

They wanted a donation solution that would allow them to give back to a nonprofit organization that fit well with their values.

Building a House


Rugged Couture supports causes such as Homes for Heroes Foundation  and takes huge pride in doing so. We encourage all to support this cause even if you do so on your own accord. To create as much impact as possible, Rugged Couture set a default and a multiplier on their platform so every single order donates.

For Rugged Couture giving back is what matters most.

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